2012 Results

A Division

1st Place

JJ's Bad Boys - Sioux Falls, SD

From Left to Right:Mike Erickson, Joe Audino, Larry Anderson, Greg Marsh, Jon Skogen

2nd Place

DCC Blind Squirrels (MS)


From Left to Right: Joe Kidd, Brian Ruth, Brian Lambertz, Jason Naglestad

3rd Place

DCC Gravy Train (MS)


From Left to Right: Chad Pew, Adam Behnke, Shandy Dovorak, Matt Montgomery, Rocky Miller

4th Place

DCC- Cecil Diesels- Sioux Falls, SD   (MS)



From Left to Right: Sam Disse, Steve Smilth, Hank Nelson, Joshua Harrison

5th-6th Place

Plan B (TNT)
 Mitchell VFW Team (D&E)

B Division

1st Place

Pocket Change- Sioux Falls, SD (MS)


From Left to Right: Jeff Schultz, Steve Heirigs, Marc Phillips, Jeff Pittenger

2nd Place

Bigs 8-Ball Hustlers-Sioux Falls, SD   (MS)


From Left to Right: Jim Hemmer, Randy Block, Jim Ritzman, Tony Mork, Denny White

3rd Place

Pocket Zeros (MS)


From Left to Right: Dave Pownell, Garret Davis, Scott Deutschman, Randy Thompson, Garrett Henderson

4th Place

Longhorn #5- Mitchell, SD (D&E)


From Left to Right: Chad Youngbluth, Jason Meyerink, Chris Weber, Rick Youngbluth, Kevin Mendenhall

5th-6th Place

Time Bandits (HUB)
 Scoreboard Sidewinder (Man)

7th-8th Place


9th-12th Place

Shooters (UG)
 Pocket #1 (MS)
Phoenix Fire (MS)
 JJ's Billiards III (MS)

C Division

1st Place

Skinners Longshots X- Brookings, SD   (MS)


From Left to Right: Steve Springman, Paul Larsen, Eric Bothun, Neil Burghardt

2nd Place

Knight's Lounge #7- Ormsby, MN   (GA)


From Left to Right: Chad Gronewold, Kathy MacMaster, Jerry Christensen, Butch Geistfeld

3rd Place

The Wharf- Milbank, SD     (UG)


From Left to Right: John Meyer, Rick Anderson, Ryan Cameron, Jeff Anderson

4th Place

Nunda Pro's- Nunda, SD    (Hicks)


From Left to Right: Tony Seten, Kurt Olson, Mickey Mix, Dave Pederson

5th-6th Place

Upper Deck Sees & Destroy (TNT)
 Chez's Crew (MS)

7th-8th Place

That'll Do Donkey (MS)
Lefty's Smokers (Hicks)

9th-12th Place

Touble Shooters (TNT)
 Jono's Nailer (MS)
 Bigs You Forgot About Us (MS)
Attic Addicts (MS)

D Division

1st Place

Felt Wizards- Yankton, SD   (TNT)


From Left to Right: Brian Fejfar, Patrick Sparks, Dawn Williams, David Walter, Jim Adam

2nd Place

Shake It off- Yankton, SD   (TNT)


From Left to Right: Jeremy Plantenberg, Jill Hunhoff, Kelly Padrnos, Tammy Mitchell, Sarah Gullikson, David Gullikson

3rd Place

Hoola Hoop- Yankton, SD    (TNT)


From Left to Right: Charles Morales, Tim Camp, Jeremy Brenden, Neil Promes

4th Place

@ Witts End- Sioux Falls, SD    (Musivend)


From Left to Right: Scott Sorenson, Eric Witt, Paul Kendall, Derek Murray, Nikki Barnhart

5th-6th Place

Haase's Pro Vee's (D&E)
Aces In The Hole (GA)

7th-8th Place

The 4 Shots (UG)
 Elkton Liquor (MS)