2013 Results

AA Division

1st Place

Off @ The Pocket


From Left to Right:Troy Oberembt, Tim Peterson, Dan Hein, Troy Sauers, Dave Jennings

2nd Place

JJ's Bad Boys


From Left to Right: Greg Marse, Joe Audino, Larry Hnderson, Mike Erickson

3rd - 8th Place

3rd - Danny's #1
4th - Big's Blind Squirrels
5th - Big's Lucky 7
6th - Pocket Change
7th - Big's Gravey Train
8th - Phoenix Mystery Shape

A Division

1st Place

Krav N Zero


From Left to Right: Randy Thompson, Scott Deutschman, Dave Pownell, Garret Davis

2nd Place

Plan B


From Left to Right: Bernie Esser, Gary Kozak, Lee Greaves, Mitch Glover, Maynard Rempp

3rd - 8th Place

3rd - The Crew
4th - Skinners 1
5th - Wiley's X
6th - Big's Last Minute
7th - Lagers 1
8th - Lizzi Fo Shizzi

B Division

1st Place

Time Bandits


From Left to Right: Tyler Vance, Steve Cogley, Jonah McLaughin, Mike Saylor

2nd Place

Bonzai Boys


From Left to Right: Rick Boehrns, Mylan Mork, Brad Mork, Bob Brinkuis

3rd - 8th Place

3rd - Woody's
4th - Shooters Wolfpack
5th - Skinners Deuces
6th - Wharf
7th - Breakers
8th - Forget About It

C Division

1st Place

Back Door


From Left to Right: Aaron Pew, Lori Tillma, Tony Tillma, Jacky White

2nd Place

Boiling Point


From Left to Right: Tyler Reisch, Brad Sowles, Dean Moss, Jon May, Cody Penning

3rd - 8th Place

3rd - Big's 6 Ball Runners
4th - The Replacements
5th - SKGT
6th - Big's Cue Tease
7th - Big's II
8th - Pump

D Division

1st Place

Rec Bar Who's Next


From Left to Right: Keith Fischer, Duane Hochstein, Tony vanbeck, Myron Fischer, Sean Barrett

2nd Place

Brass Rail


From Left to Right: Mark Zemlicka, Dillon Zemlicka, Warren Hemmer, Duane Peschong

3rd - 8th Place

3rd - Haase's Hey You Know
4th - Redline Riders
5th - Doren's Drunks
6th - Chubby's Misfits
7th - Jono's X
8th - Crow Bar Nice Racks