2015-2016 Results

AA Division

1st Place

Bigs Gravy Train


Team Members: Sam Disse, Rocky Miller, Chad Pew
Brian Ruth, Matt Montgomery

2nd Place

Off @ the Pocket


Team Members: Dave Jennings, Troy Oberembt, Dan Hein
Troy Sauers, Tim Peterson

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - JJ's Bad Boys

4th - Wild Hare I

A Division

1st Place

Bigs Last Minute


Team Members: Jon Aymar, Steve Smith, Ryan Pederson, Hank Nelson

2nd Place

Lemke's Something New


Team Members: Mike Brinkman, Mike Filholm, Rick Lemke, Bob Raabe

3rd - 4th Place

     3rd - Pound Town
4th - Pocket Change

B Division

1st Place

Wiley's TBA


Team Members: Cecil Combs, Dave Hexamer, Ted Rederth, Dean Renville
Jeff Thompson, Phil Toft

2nd Place

Lancer's B-S


Team Members: Jacky White, Karen White, Norm Johnson
Reno Greeley, Bruce DuMarce

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - Seal Team 6 (Alibi)

    4th - JJ's it is What it is

C Division

1st Place

Yellow Rose


Team Members: Lawrence Cole, Jesse Larsen, Alan Summerville
Brian Vandreisen, Wayne Wilman

2nd Place

Rounding 3rd #1


Team Members: Sarah Gullickson, Mike Gall, Jeremy Brenden, Troy Schaffer, Troy Nicks

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - Shooters Khaos #1
       4th - Double D's in the Face

D Division

1st Place

Corner Pub


Team Members: Sarah Saxton, Justin Crooks, Cristal Kludt
Jen Krant, Tracy Miller

2nd Place

Lucky Horseshoe


Team Members: Richard Detterman, Will Freeman, Jerry May, Mike Stahl

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - Skinners Miscues
          4th - JSP 1