2015 Results

AA Division

1st Place

Off @ The Pocket


Team Members:Troy Oberembt, Tim Peterson, Dan Hein, Troy Sauers, Dave Jennings

2nd Place

Eastside Bar


Team Members: Shannon Coyle, Jeremy Frost, Jay Penrod, Barry Seyer

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - South Main

         4th - Big's Gravy Train

A Division

1st Place

Plan B


Team Members: Bernie Esser, Mitch Glover, Lee Greaver, Gary Kozak, Ole Olesen

2nd Place

The Crew


Team Members: Lee Gourneau IV, Courtney Kelly, Stacy Roberts, Ron Smart, Ron Sully

3rd - 4th Place

     3rd - Shooters No Xcues
4th - Bigs Alzheimers

B Division

1st Place

Lemke's My Balls, Your Rack


Team Members: Weston Byrd, Garrett Davis, Brad Lemke, Bob Raabe

2nd Place

Phoenix 6


Team Members: Mike Cook, John Geffre, Scott Meier, John Waldner

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - Bonzai Boys

    4th - Forgot About It

C Division

1st Place

Otooles - All Break No Balls


Team Members: Doug Johnson, Kevin Johnson, Ryan Karst, Chris Mikkelsen

2nd Place

Norby's I


Team Members: Barney Bernards, Gene Hanisch, Eddie Haskell, Chris Nelson,
Jeff Oleson, Ken Reuland

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - Silver Dollar
       4th - 4 Stick & A Case

D Division

1st Place

Phoenix Catching fire


Team Members: Frank Briones, Brennan Fargen, Jeff Gabhart, Traves Lawson,
Chris Searless

2nd Place

Rec Bar Sid Happens


Team Members: Terry Ekeren, Kevin Hunhoff, Ryan Liebl, Sid Tshida

3rd - 4th Place

3rd - Back at Home
          4th - Jac's Harkly Shootin