2018 Results

AA Division

1st Place

Big Gravy train


Team Members: Matt Montgomery, Chad Pew, Marc Phillips, Brian Ruth

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Bigs Total Sports

3rd - Wild Hare I

4th - JJ's Bad Boys

A Division

1st Place

Lemke's Break Out the Gypsy


Team Members: George Faehnrich, Rick Lemke, Brad Lemke, Bob Raabe

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Backdoor Buzzsaw

3rd - Fireside the Crew

4th - Wileys X


B Division

1st Place

Longhorn #2


Team Members: Eric Hohn, Ernie Hohn, Jason Long, Brian Winter

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Yellow Rose

3rd - Fireside Mystery Shape

4th - Nunda


C Division

1st Place

Pool Tang Clan


Team Members: Mark Block, Jared Buettgenback, DJ Clark, Kody Mertens

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Pocket Rockets

3rd - lemke's Tilted Racks

4th - Nickel Spot Shape Happens


D Division

1st Place

Frank Days


Team Members: Richard Chasing Hawk, Bo Felix, William Freeman, Mike Hoffer Sr.

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Skinners Super Shafts

3rd - Davis Sandbaggers

4th - Nickel Spot Long Shots