2019 Results

 AA Division

1st Place

Wild Hare I


Team Members: Justin Brandt, Mike Filholm, Lou Lend his horse, Dave Olson, Dan Tanner

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Bigs Gravy Train

3rd - Jono's Bad Boys

4th - Off @ the Pocket


A Division

1st Place

Longhorn #5


Team Members: Tim Brown, Corey Ditter, Kevin Mendenhall, Chad Youngbluth,               Rick Youngbluth


2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Scoreboad Sidewinders

3rd - Flame Bulldogs

4th - Bigs Most Wanted


B Division

1st Place

Mills Lounge 2


Team Members: Todd Askelson, Dane Gigstead, Ed Stoll, Pat Weyaus

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Nickel Spot Pool Hall Junkies

3rd - Hurst Corner Black Eyes

4th - Nickel Spot Public Enemy #1


C Division

1st Place

Nickel Spot No Ice No Glass


Team Members: Bill Fleshner, Jared Mathison, Gary Schauer, Chuck Schultz, Wade Werner

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - The Lefties and Todd

3rd - Nickel Spot Cues Brothers

4th - Stumpy's Merry Stiks


D Division

1st Place

Hot Pockets


Team Members: Travis Allen, Marcus Allen, Dane Bille, Tyler Stassen

2nd - 4th Place

2nd - Chancellor XXX

3rd - Knotty Pine I

4th - Fireside Fire Hawks